Hydrodynamic and mechanical pipe cleaning of all types of piping

When Koller comes, you can breathe up. Years of experience and the necessary know-how help you cost-effectively investigate pipe and sever problems. I have always all functional tools in different vehicles with me. That makes me flexible.

All these features are always available in EVERY of our vehicles, whether the smallest (2t) or the largest (44t). Many of our long-standing CUSTOMERS have benefited and appreciated these benefits for decades. This advantage and 60 years of experience in canal cleaner commercial and vehicle construction make us so successful. Koller is not cheap but inexpensive!

We are one of a few specialists who still plan,  build, apply, service and repair our innovations. prototypes, implements and vehicle bodies. Thus, in compliance with the legal requirements, each of our high-end vehicles and special work tools are tailor-made for your specific purpose and fully optimized.

Imagine, you have a pipe problem. Normally you would order the channel cleaner and he would solve the problem. But what happens if it was not just a "normal" constipation? Then the problem must be examined more closely. It hast to be ordered an extra video vehicle to analyze the damage, it may also happen that a test car is needed or a pump with higher pressure. In such a case, under normal circumstances, you would already have 3 to 4 workers at the damage site, which is also higher cost.

Since I plan, build and make ALL of my vehicles myself, I know what is important, which parts I have to install and what services I need to ensure the best service.

We look forward to your call!